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Dunn's River Falls

About Dunn's River Falls

Dunn’s River Falls is a truly outstanding treasure offering 600 feet of climbing pleasure for thousands of visitors and locals every year. It is safe to say that Dunn's River Falls is only one of its kind. It is depicted as an emergent place to experience. The falls constantly rejuvenates itself from pieces of travertine rock. This causes precipitation which in turn brings about calcium carbonate from the river, as it streams over the falls. The miniature dome-shaped waterfalls are generally connected to hot spring movement found in the limestone caves. This, combined with where the fall is located, gives Dunn's River the diversity of being the only one of its kind in the Caribbean.


The Arawak name “Xayamaca” means land of rivers and springs. The area was called “Las Chorreras” by The Spaniards which means the waterfalls and springs. Therefore from that time up to now Dunn’s River Falls is said to be without a doubt one of the most attractive spots on the island. The name “Las Chorreras” has degenerated over the years to Ocho Rios which means eight rivers, although there are in fact only four rivers in the region. These are Cave River, Roaring River, Turtle River and of course Dunn’s River. These “Chorreras” are a never ending flow and rapid fall, as well as swift cascading of waterfalls which dispense directly into the Caribbean Sea. Any trip to Ocho Rios must include a visit to this gorgeous feat of nature, so if you're making a trip to Jamaica, whether it's a timeshare vacation or just a one-time trip, you'll have to stop by Dunn's River Falls.

The Belmont property of Dunn’s River Falls was handed over to the Urban Development Corporation for the people of Jamaica. It is run by the St. Ann Development Company, a local auxiliary of the Urban Development Corporation. Both companies have gone on board to phase the upgrading and the development of the Dunn's River Falls Park so that the falls is able to reach a standard that is suitable for a leading national attraction.


The visitors’ compound at Dunn’s River Falls has attractions such as a live music stage, restaurant, jerk chicken huts, and a gazebo for special occasions such as weddings making it an absolutely exceptional spot for a wedding or special occasion. To leave the compound you have to pass through a craft market, where ever-present Jamaican vendors persistently try to sell their souvenirs.

Ocho Rios is known for its array of activities, its tropical beauty, shopping, dining and its wonderful beaches to name a few. The best attraction however always ends up being a day at Dunn’s River Falls as it includes everything mentioned above. Dunn’s River Falls & Park is the perfect surroundings for relaxation and fun, and it for the whole family.

Today, the new Dunn's River Falls Park is a combination of modern amenities with the rustic attraction of natural surroundings. New roads have been put in place to gain easier entrance to the higher reaches of the falls, amplified parking and picnic facilities are now provided, as well as terraces and decks, which allows for scenic views of the falls and the horizon in the distance. There is also a beach located at the base of the falls where the ocean and the river meet, as well as well-treed areas with some of the top 5 fruits in the world.

Dunn’s River Falls usually tops the lists of the world’s most gorgeous waterfalls. Most Jamaica tours or trips include a visit to this natural beauty. Whether you are on an Ocho Rios vacation or just passing through, a visit to Dunn’s River Falls is a must. Dunn's River Falls presence the opportunity for revival. It is a memorable experience and a definite must for your holiday schedule. Visit Dunn’s River Falls just once and it is assured that you will definitely return for more. Dunn’s River Falls is truly a place of superb natural beauty.


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